For an inital consultation at no charge for individual or couples’ therapy, leave a voicemail at 626-584-5551 or send Steve an email. 

Steve is a veteran psychotherapist and a professor in the School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary. Steve enjoys working with all kinds of people and kinds of issues. If he has a “niche,” it’s  relationships and sexuality, but he’s been around the block in the mental health field, so there’s not much he hasn’t seen. “Niche” practices make Steve a little nervous, because they tend to have a one-size-fits-all approach. Even common problems like depression and anxiety show up differently for everyone. Good therapy focuses on the person as much as the problem. 

Here’s the secret to success in psychotherapy: Committment and a therapist you like. 

First, you need to be committed to the process of therapy. Sometimes a problem is simple and you can get in and out fast. It’s great when that happens. Most of the time, however, therapy requires a commitment to growth. As your therapist, Steve will be with you every step of the way and give you everything he’s got, but the hardest work will be yours.

Second, you need a therapist that feels like a good fit. That’s why Steve offers an initial consulation at no charge. It’s crucial that you “click” with your therapist. A lot of people click with Steve, but some don’t. You should consult with two or three different therapists before making a decision. The person with whom you feel most comfortable is the usually the right therapist.

Steve is comfortable working with pretty much anyone and anything. He doesn’t have 24/7 emergency services, so people who are actively suicidal aren’t a good fit. Though Steve has experience with younger children, his current office is a little boring for them. Otherwise, he’d be happy to speak to you about working together. 

But you probably want a list, so here are the Top Five Issues Steve Commonly Addresses in Psychotherapy:

  •  Relationship issues of every variety, for both individuals and couples.
  •  Sexual issues for couples and individuals. 
  •  Depression, including low self-esteem and identity issues
  •  Anxiety problems.
  •  ADHD and other impulse control problems for adults and adolescents. 

Now that you’ve read the list, consider this: Nancy McWilliams said that people who need to talk about just one thing in psychotherapy “probably aren’t from this planet.” Steve knows that human beings are complex and he likes looking for connections between the different issues that people face. He’s happy to focus on just one problem, but he’s pretty good at working with you to make sense of the whole shebang. 

Steve is a Christian, and he incorporates a faith-based perspective for people who find that important. If you’re not interested in talking about faith or spirituality, that’s okay. It’s up to you. 

Steve would be glad to meet with you and find out if he’d be a good fit. If it turns out he’s not, he’ll provide referrals to other therapists he trusts. Leave him a voicemail at 626-584-5551 or send him an email.

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