Steve speaks to all kinds of groups about all kinds of things. He’s also been teaching psychology at the doctoral level for a long time, so he’s pretty good at talking about all things mental health.

Want a sample? 

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This is Steve talking to Premier Christian Radio in London. It was early afternoon in London, so that meant pre-dawn for Steve in California. He started off a little groggy, but once the caffiene kicked in, it became one of his favorite radio interviews of all time. 

Here’s a short list of topics:

  • Anything related to mental health, tailored to your group.
  • Authentic Dating for Christians
  • Sexuality for Christians
  • Sexuality for Adolescents and Parents of Adolescents
  • Conflict 
  • Pornography
  • Attention Deficit Disorder: The Blessing that Became A Curse - How to Manage ADHD and Uncover Hidden Gifts
  • The Authentic Job Interview: Getting the Right Job and Avoiding the Wrong One (Steve trains students at Fuller in interviewing for jobs).
  • God, Sexuality, and The History of Rock and Roll (Steve has never given this talk, but he’s dying to and he’ll do it for free). 

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